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By dorn226, Apr 4 2015 11:52AM

Part one

There are several things I want to pass along to everyone now that spring is here.First off is it termite swarm season. The termite swarmer is the reproductive cast of the termite colony. The swarmers do not damage anything so if you see them coming out it is because they are trying to start new colonies They do not fly well and kind of flutter (they depend on wind currents to carry them off to new locations) around and then their wings fall off and they pair off and try to get back into the ground.They are tempture sensitive and when the weather is about 70 degrees and about 70% humidity they will exit their swarm castle that is above ground. It is kinda of scary to see because the will eixt in large numbers all within a few minutes (see picture).I have seen this can happen in several places in the same house at different time during the day because the tempture and humidity is different in your home at different times of the day.in most cases you will never see the swarm castle because it is behind a wall and the exit hole are what you see.In picture 3 is one I took the other day. Please do not freak out if this happens you can just spray water on them and vacuum them up. they will die if they can get back into the ground within a few hours. There are some companies that have sales reps that will scare you and try to get you to take their services now. Please don't get pressured into over paying for a termite control service. The fact that the swarmers are present means a colony is healthy and has been in the area for some time and if you take a few days to get some estimates the colony wont do much more damage and you will get in most cases a better deal on the job.

I will be adding several more parts to this every day for your information. I want everyone that reads this to be as informed as possible. Today it is supposed to rain and there will be some swarmers come out in the area

By guest, Apr 4 2015 11:42AM

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